Front desk agent jobs

In the realm of Dryden, Ontario, the Holiday Inn Express Hotel extends a cordial invitation to qualified aspirants, beckoning them to seize the coveted role of Front Desk Agent. This establishment, a haven for both corporate nomads and leisure seekers, boasts commodious and snug chambers meticulously crafted to cocoon you into a night of undisturbed repose. The chosen ones to fill these vacancies shall embark on their professional journey posthaste.

Occupational Overview:
Employer Moniker
: Holiday Inn Express Hotel
Occupation: Custodian of the Front Desk
Available Positions: A Trio of Opportunities
Remuneration: A sumptuous $17.50 per hour, with a commitment spanning 30 to 40 hours weekly
Nature of Employment: A Permanent Pact, Part-Time Inception Morphing into Full-Time Endeavors
Locale: 585 Government St., Box 721, Dryden, ON P8N 2Z4
Shift Schedules: Embrace the Day, Revel in Weekends, Greet the Early Morn, Bask in the Morning Aura
Professional Habitat: A Hotel Oasis, with Relocation Expenses Tenderly Shouldered by the Employer, Provision of Staff Quarters, Nestled in the Vast Spectrum of Hotels, Motels, and Resorts

Linguistic Proficiency: Command of the English Language is Requisite
Educational Background: A Departure from Conventional Academic Prerequisites, Open to All
Professional Track Record: While Experience is an Advantage, Neophytes are Embraced

Additional Criteria:
Prospective Nominee: Embodies Client-Centric Values, Exhibits Dependability, Embraces Organization, Flexibility, and Reliability, Conveys a Sense of Discernment
Interpersonal Aptitude: Demonstrates Exceptional Verbal Communication, Proficient Interpersonal Skills, Functions Harmoniously as a Collaborative Entity

Applicant Status:
Essential Canadian Affiliation: Citizenship or Residency – Temporary or Permanent – is Imperative
Authorized Work Capability: A Mandate – Possession of a Legal Work Permit for Canadian Employment

Should Aspirants Find Themselves Incapacitated to Satisfy the Stipulated Requisites, Prudence Prevails in Foregoing Application.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Prospective Individuals Must Exhibit Prowess in Registering the Arrival of Guests and Allocating Accommodations, Skillfully Managing Group Entrances and Exits
Adeptness in Handling Reservation Transactions, Facilitating Room Booking Adjustments, Dispensing Area Insights
Furnishing Intelligence Pertaining to the Hotel’s Facilities and Amenities, Executing Guest Checkouts, Computation of Fees, and Receipt of Payments
Meticulous Oversight of Inventory Metrics, Tracking of Vacancies, Reservations, and Room Assignments, Answering Calls, and Facilitating Message Transmission
Adherence to Emergency Protocols, Ensuring Client/Guest Assistance During Unique Requirements
Engagement in Clerical Duties Inclusive of Facsimile, Documentation, and Photocopying
Engagement in Light Housekeeping and Sanitary Obligations, Delivery of Exemplary Customer Service

Application Protocol:
If the Tenure Appeals to Your Vocational Aspirations and Prerequisites Align, Direct Application Submission to the Employer is Solicited. Furnish Your Resume, Citing Reference Number 2484972.

Submission Channels:
Via Electronic Correspondence
Email Address:

Via Conventional Mail
585 Government St., Box 721
Dryden, ON
P8N 2Z4

In-Person Submission
585 Government St., Box 721
Dryden, ON
P8N 2Z4
Acceptance Window: Commencing at 07:00 AM, Concluding at 03:00 PM

Expressions of Gratitude:
Our Sincerest Thanks Extend to All Applicants Manifesting Interest and Confidence in Our Endeavors. However, the Selection Process Shall Bestow Its Favor Solely Upon the Most Distinguished Candidates, Who Shall Progress Through Further Discernment Stages Conducted Directly by the Employing Entity. Nary a Charge or Request for Original Documentation Shall Intervene During This Evolution. Wishing All Prospective Applicants the Utmost Success in Their Pursuits!